Saturday, October 13, 2012

Open World 2012 Presentation

Here's an audio link to my presentation at Oracle Open World this year, How Enterprise Manager 12c Brokers Peace Between DBAs and Compliance Officers. This is just my portion, I also spoke with Dave Wolf from Oracle Corp. Dave covered a lot of the features and framework of Enterprise Manager 12c. My portion, as a DBA for the Department of Defense, was in regards to how we're using 12c to manage and monitor security. At the DoD, we have a detailed list of security requirements for all of our systems, including Oracle Databases. It can be tough to monitor this established security posture – databases change, users are added, etc. It's a term I call compliance drift. We're using OEM 12c to manage our security posture and monitor when compliance drift occurs. Sorry it's not video, so you don't get to see my pretty face. But the audio is decent quality, so give it a listen if you're interested.