Saturday, March 16, 2013

New book

Just a quick announcement that my second book is available from Packt Publishing.  OCA Oracle Database 11g: Database Administration I: A Real-World Certification Guide (again with the long title) is designed to be a different kind of certification guide.  Generally, it seems to me that publishers of Oracle certification guides assume that the only people who want to become certified are those with a certain level of experience, like a working DBA with several years on the job.  So, these guides make a lot of assumptions about the reader.  They end up being more about a lot of facts for the test rather than a cohesive learning experience.  My book attempts to target to a different kind of reader.  I've observed in the last several years that many people from non-database backgrounds are setting out to get their OCA or OCP certifications.  These folks don't necessarily bring a lot of knowledge or experience to this attempt, just a strong drive to learn.  My two books are designed to start from the beginning, then take the reader through all of the subjects needed for the certification test.  They're designed to be read straight through, completing the examples along the way.  In a sense, I'm attempting to recreate the experience of one of my Oracle classes in book form. 

You'll find the book at these fine sellers of books.

Packt Publishing
Barnes and Noble

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  1. Hey Steve, do you have a updated book coming out on 12c for the same topic ?